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The region Abruzzo, situated in central Italy, has a surface of 4168 sq miles/10798 km2 and of 1'305'000. It is bordered by Marche in the North, Latium in the West, Molise in the South and the Adriatic Sea in the East.
In the 1960's the construction of highways from Rome, Bologna and Bari, and more recently the 10km-long tunnel under the Gran Sasso mountain range opened the region to the rest of Italy and Europe.

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The region boasts the highest peaks of the Apennines, the Gran Sasso (Monte Corno 9,560 feet/2914 mt.) and the Maiella mountain ranges and the Velino-Sirente mountains, as well as deep canyons and valleys, national and regional parks, wide sandy beaches, and an astonishing wealth of artistic and natural beauty. Citadels and castles appear in the middle of woods and pastures. In the National Parks, with some luck, you can sight brown bears, wolves and chamois, and eagles, hawks and buzzards on the highest peaks.

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